“Totally kid inspired, my son Landon was the #1 driving force to make Kidzikoo bottle/sippy insulators from an idea to a reality.  Without him, I couldn’t have done it.  Literally!”

Here’s our story…

One morning in October of 2010, Landon was sitting on my lap as he was drinking his cold milk out of his sippy cup.  He reached back and put his little hand on my cheek and it was FREEZING cold!  I chuckled and said to him “burrrr, you need an insulator for your sippy cup!”   I immediately marched upstairs to the computer to search for baby bottle/sippy cup insulators, thinking they would be found at any retailer.  Well, much to my surprise, I found NOTHING!  Immediately the light bulb turned on and the idea was born!”

Lindsay Wegesin, a “Mommy Inventor” is the Founder of LadyEdison & Co., the parent and distribution company for Koverz, Kidzikoo & Kooleez.   Since the successful launch of Kidzikoo in June of 2011,  a demand for larger insulators and also freezer pop insulators kept arising, so Koverz Sport Bottle Insulators and Kooleez Freezer Pop Insulators were created and added to the LadyEdison & Co. family.   Due to continual growth and demand, Lindsay’s husband Andy came on board to officially work full time with LadyEdison & Co.  Lindsay and Andy are dedicated to creating new and innovative products never before seen in the consumer market while keeping quality and affordability at the forefront.

“Many people will knock your ideas and say you’ll never make it happen. Use those who doubt you to fuel your passion and keep driving forward until you’ve accomplished your dreams. The sky is the limit and with good faith and hard work, all things are possible.  Believe in yourself and you WILL make it happen.”

-Lindsay Wegesin