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This is the "take everywhere for everything" blanket, an absolute must have for on-the-go adventures.  Just like a chameleon, the Kamee completely adapts to its environment due to it's unique and specially designed features.  Made out of soft but durable rip-stop nylon quilted over a thin layer of polyfiber fill for warmth and light padding, this lightweight blanket is the most versatile and unique blanket on the market. 

The soft nylon shell on both sides completely repels water, sand, grass, dirt and leaves, making it the perfect beach mat and picnic/outdoor blanket.  It has 8 reinforced ties around the perimeter for added versatility and truly sets it apart from any other blanket out there. The ties allow it to be tied to anything to create a sun shade or wind screen along with being able to be tied to stakes to secure it to the ground on windy days.  It is super soft to the touch, very warm and blocks wind so it makes the perfect blanket to use outdoors and even in the home. 

The Kamee was purposefully made over-sized at 7.5’ x 5’  which is large enough to fit two large beach towels side by side at the beach, a family of 6 comfortably on top during a picnic or concert, or wrapped around 2 people snuggling side by side at those brisk fall sporting events, yet compresses small enough to store in a 14"x 6" bolster shaped stuff sack and only weighs 1.5 lbs.  The included stuff sack can also be used as a comfortable and perfectly sized travel pillow and has a shoulder strap for easy, hands-free transportation.

The Kamee was inspired by and designed after the U.S. Military issued poncho liner camouflage blanket, aka "woobie" that our Army and Marine soldiers are issued, due to it's lightweight/compact nature, warmth, durability and versatility.

So many uses:

  • Travel blanket/pillow: car, airplane, boat
  • Sport blanket for stadiums
  • Picnic blanket
  • Beach mat (place towels on top so sand doesn’t stick to them)
  • Lightweight/compact sleeping bag for camping/hiking
  • Hammock liner
  • Emergency blanket to keep in car during the winter


  • Water-repellent
  • Sand just shakes off
  • XL Dimensions 90" X 60 "
  • Total Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Sun shield/wind screen
  • Rain poncho/tarp
  • Seat cover for animals in cars/couches (animal hair easily and completely shakes off)

…and SO much more!!